Hello RADFamily,

It is with heavy hearts that we must announce we are going to have to cancel the event this year. We have run into major issues with the production team at the venue, who are breaching guarantees they made in the early phases of planning, with respect to non-negotiable provisions for safety. Last year our event experienced a rigging fail. This year we made every effort possible to eliminate that risk by contracting an acrobatic rigging company to not only design and execute the rigging plan, but also to insure every point. Prior to signing the venue agreement, the venue’s production team was on board with this. Since that time, a new management company has come into play and will not guarantee our team access to the ceiling, blueprints, and other important information to make sure that our event is completely safe. They have also insisted that the rigging be overseen by someone internally, rather than the company that we have chosen. Given their track record from last year we have decided that the venue is no longer the right partner for our event. Unfortunately, with this being so late in the year it will not be possible to move to a new location.

While this has been largely disappointing for our team, we feel it is more important to be safe than to move forward with the event and expose our participants to serious risk. Aerial arts are inherently dangerous, before even factoring in the potential hazards involved with rigging. 

That being said, 100% of ticket sales, submission fees for the competition, showcase, and pro case will be refunded. Prizes donated for competitors will also be returned. If you have questions, we are happy to communicate openly. 

We thank you again for all of your efforts,

RADFest Management

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